Virtual Keyboard

Virtual keyboard, or “on-screen” keyboard, lets you type directly in your local language script in an easy and consistent manner, no matter where you are or what computer you’re using. Some common uses of virtual keyboards include:

Virtual keyboard covers over 100 keyboards for more than 70 languages. Check out this tutorial video to learn how to use virtual keyboard. Also try it online.

To use a virtual keyboard, the first step is to enable Input Tools. Follow instructions to enable Input Tools in Search, Gmail, Google Drive, Youtube, Translate, Chrome and Chrome OS.

Virtual keyboards are represented by a keyboard icon . Clicking on the icon to toggle on/off the current IME or clicking on the arrow next to it to select another input tool. When a virtual keyboard is activated, the button becomes darker grey .

Use the virtual keyboard by typing on your own keyboard as though it's the virtual keyboard, or by clicking the keys on the virtual keyboard directly with your mouse.

To minimize the on-screen keyboard, click on the arrow in the upper right of the on-screen keyboard.