Hire a trusted pro, boost your visibility

Hire a trusted pro, boost your visibility

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Street View trusted pros are:

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  • Recipients of the Street View trusted badge
  • Distinguished contributors with fifty approved and published 360 photos
  • Featured in our index of for-hire professionals
  • Equipped to use the Trusted brand assets for marketing purposes

What to expect from a professional

For a business seeking exposure, an experienced Street View contributor can help you boost your visibility and stand out on Google Maps. But before you jump in, it's important to understand the role each party will play in this exchange.

Business owners

  • If you hire a trusted photographer to collect images of your business, please note that Google cannot guarantee the quality of their services.
  • All negotiations about the terms, services and price of the photo shoot will be between you and the photographer.
  • Any payments for the virtual tour or photographs should be made to the trusted photographer - no payments are made to or through Google.
  • If a dispute arises, you will need to resolve it with the photographer or agency according to the terms of your contract.
  • If you would like to report an issue with the services offered by a Street View trusted photographer, you can do so by filling this form.
Google Street View business owner with trusted professional

Getting Street View services

With Street View ready technology, trusted pros can capture and publish street-level imagery to update Street View in your communities.

  • While Google does not employ photographers or agencies, we do allow contributors to publish up-to-date Street View imagery of roads. Our dedicated for-hire list displays photographers and agencies who showcased their expertise by contributing stunning high-quality images.
  • Google continues its efforts of driving in many countries to bring you imagery that enhances your experience and helps you discover the world around you. Check out where we're headed next to see if we're soon coming to you, or contact a trusted pro if you're eager to have fresh imagery sooner rather than later.
Google Street View trusted professional with camera

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Agency City Email Contact Number

*The Street View trusted program is temporarily closed for new enrollments.