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Meet Chromebook

Powered by ChromeOS, every Chromebook features your favourite Google apps, stress-free security and speed that you can rely on.

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Power that gets more done

  • Lightning-fast boot up

    Starts up in under 10 seconds for more doing and less waiting. Jump right into note-taking, binge-watching, photo editing, and more.

  • Battery that you can rely on

    Chromebooks pack enough power to last a long flight, a full workday or a streaming binge2.

    Battery icon with the Up to 10 hours message in it
  • Apps for work and play

    Easily access Netflix, Adobe Acrobat, Zoom, Microsoft3 Teams, and many more, available on Google Play.

    Woman using a Chromebook with apps icons around her
  • From to-do to done

    Fly through tasks and meetings with apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Excel™, Zoom and more.

    Google docs, Calendar, Excel and Office logos in row
  • Stream more. Play more.

    Say hello to endless entertainment with Netflix, Disney+4, Max and thousands of games on Google Play and GeForce NOW.5

    Get more creative

    Add some flair to your everyday with apps like Adobe Express and Canva. And discover even more creative tools on Google Play.

  • Multitasking made easy

    Organise your workspace and multitask more easily with virtual desks on Chromebook. Think of virtual desks as separate workspaces within your Chromebook.

    Work without Wi-Fi

    No Wi-Fi? No problem. Recent documents, spreadsheets, presentations and emails are available with offline access.6

  • Automatic backup bliss

    Don't let your laptop fall victim to a cup of coffee! With Chromebook, any updates on Google Docs, Sheets or Slides are automatically saved when you're connected to the Internet.

    Google Drive logo Google Drive logo


Stress-free security

  • Security so strong, it’s never had a virus7

    With Chromebooks, there's no need to buy extra security software. Breathe easy knowing that you're covered with built-in protection and the Titan C2 security chip.8

  • Secure to the core

    Stay safe with unmatched security. Google designed the Titan C2 security chip8 to protect your Chromebook from viruses, keep hackers at bay and prevent phishing attacks.

    Titan C logo
  • Updates without interruption

    Automatic updates run in the background to keep your Chromebook fast and up to date with the latest software and security features.9

    A woman and a girl smiling using a Chromebook with a backup logo and a 'Chromebook is up to date' notification popping out A woman and a girl smiling using a Chromebook with a backup logo and a 'Chromebook is up to date' notification popping out
  • Share your laptop, not your life

    Chromebooks can support multiple users while maintaining each person’s privacy. Guest Mode lets you share your Chromebook without sharing your login.

    Three user profile images with asterisks below simulating password fields Three user profile images with asterisks below simulating password fields
  • Family-friendly features

    Family Link provides tools to create healthy, positive digital habits. Easily share browsing data and manage privacy settings to find the right balance for your family.

    Colourful kite icon with settings, toggle icons and sparkling stars around it
  • Secure from the start

    Every time your Chromebook starts up, it goes through Verified Boot — a rigorous and seamless security check-up in the background that prevents malware.

  • Layers of protection

    ChromeOS keeps software on your Chromebook separated with sandboxing. So even if one part gets infected, the rest will stay safe.

Google built in

Designed for everyday ease

  • Google apps only a click away

    Go from work to play with built-in Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Photos, YouTube and more.

  • Instant setup with your Gmail

    Simply sign in with your Gmail account and instantly find your files, photos and Chrome preferences all waiting for you.

    Gmail, drive, photos and Chrome logos in a row
  • A perfect pair

    Move between your Android phone and Chromebooks to edit photos and respond to texts.10 Chromebooks connect seamlessly with headphones and other devices.

    Woman interacting with a Chromebook with an image of a Google Pixel and wireless earbuds popping out in the bottom-right corner
  • Google gets you there faster

    Built-in shortcuts to Google apps let you check your calendar, hop on a video call, or check off to-dos without missing a beat.

    Round image of a woman smiling with Google Drive, Google Meet, Calendar and Gmail apps icons bordering it
  • Find it in a flash

    Find anything that you need from one place. Search your Chromebook, Google Drive and the Internet to locate files, fire up apps and get the answers that you’re looking for.

    Stay connected

    If you lose connection, Instant Tethering automatically keeps your Chromebook online using your Android phone's hotspot.


Which Chromebook is right for you?

Compare: Which Chromebook is right for you?
a Acer Chromebook Spin 513 device in open front low mode
a HP Chromebook Plus x360 14” device in open front low mode
The easy way to get things done.
Chromebook Plus
Chromebook Plus
Double the performance12, plus the magic of Google AI.
Google apps built in
Google apps built in with exclusive AI features
Standard processors, memory and storage11
2x faster processors, memory and storage12
720p camera for clear video calls11
1080p camera with AI-powered tools that work with any video call app
Intel Celeron® / Pentium® or equivalent13
Intel Core™/AMD Ryzen™
4 GB+ RAM11
HD 720p or better
FHD 1080p or better
Capable of running PC and console games
Performance optimised for PC and console gaming
Mobile games on Google Play
Mobile games on Google Play
Manually select files to be accessed offline
Automatically access your files, online or off, with file sync6
Access apps like Microsoft 365®3, Adobe Acrobat, Evernote and more
Access apps like Microsoft 365®3, Adobe Acrobat, Evernote and more
Create with Adobe Express
Create with Adobe Photoshop*, Adobe Express, Adobe Lightroom and LumaFusion5
Built-in AI-powered Magic Editor in Google Photos
Boots up in seconds1 automatic updates9 up to 10 hours of battery life2
Boots up in seconds1 automatic updates9 up to 10 hours of battery life2
Built-in virus protection and the Titan C or C2 security chip8
Built-in virus protection and the Titan C or C2 security chip8

1 The boot-up speed may vary depending on the device. According to tests on various devices from the Chromebook portfolio, 10 seconds is the average boot-up speed.

2Battery life may vary based on device, usage and other conditions.

3Additional functionality available with Microsoft 365 subscription. Microsoft, Excel and PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

4©2024 Disney. Must be 18+ to subscribe.

5Subscriptions may be required.

6You must be connected to the Internet to set up this feature. Download required. Must have available storage space in Google Drive.

7As of March 2024, there has been no evidence of any documented, successful virus attack on ChromeOS. Data based on ChromeOS monitoring of various national and internal databases.

8All Chromebooks launched since January 2019 come with the Titan C or C2 security chip, except for the Lenovo 100e Chromebook 2nd Gen MediaTek and the Lenovo 300e Chromebook 2nd Gen MediaTek, which come with a different security chip.

9See how long a device is eligible for updates at g.co/chromeosupdates

10Full feature availability requires you to be signed in to Chrome with your Google Account on all devices. Internet connection required.

11Based on top-selling Chromebooks from July 2022 to Dec 2022.

12Chromebook Plus and Gaming Chromebook performance is compared to top-selling Chromebooks from July 2022 to Dec 2022.

13Equivalency based on Geekbench performance scores.