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Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center helps you get your shop and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google. That means that everything about your shops and products is available to customers when they search on a Google property.

Here's what you can do with Merchant Center

Upload accurate product information

Don't give your customers out-of-date details. Merchant Center helps you to ensure that your product info, like price and availability, is correct when shown to potential customers on Google.

Reach customers across Google

Merchant Center powers shopping experiences beyond advertising. Show your products to shoppers across paid and unpaid channels by choosing to upload your info into surfaces across Google, Shopping ads, Shopping Actions and other Google services.

Discover more insights

Get holistic reports to understand how you're doing across your programmes linked to Merchant Center. Find actionable insights on pricing, merchandising and more to drive your business strategy.

Even more benefits to help you drive growth

Sell your products globally

Shopping is now available in over 90 countries, which means your products can go global. Set up multi-country feeds in Merchant Center to start showing your inventory to potential shoppers all around the world.

Highlight promotions

40% of global shoppers say they use Google to find the best deal. Use Merchant Center to set up promotions for your Shopping ads. Set up a site-wide promotion to apply to every product on your site, or restrict the promotion to select products.

Improve results with customised opportunities

Merchant Center doesn't just help you organise your product and business data – it helps you improve your results too. Inside the Opportunities page of Merchant Center, you can get a better sense of ways to improve your product data or campaigns to drive more clicks.

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