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Publication numberUS885322 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication date21 Apr 1908
Filing date12 Sep 1907
Priority date12 Sep 1907
Publication numberUS 885322 A, US 885322A, US-A-885322, US885322 A, US885322A
InventorsJames M Cochran
Original AssigneeJames M Cochran
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US 885322 A
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No. 885,322. PATENTED APR. 21, 1908.





JAMES ill. tt Hill it A N.

in. l om ll. KENTUGK, Y


Application filed September ;To all whom t6 mm; concern:

Be it known thnt lyihinns M. (Joenrmx. =1

citizen of the United States, residing at lu ducoh, 1n the county of Mcflrecneu end Stale 5 and particularly is en improven'ient on the wrench shown in my Patent No. 597,762, date'd January 1.898.

The object of the present invention is to improve the construction of the wrench with respect to the rocker which holds the moveblc jaw, and with respect to the spring which operates the rocker.

In my said patent there is shown a spring which bears against the threaded shank ol the movable jaw nnd tends to close the jaws.

and in order to attach such spring it is neces sory to drill thesnine and also to drill and to tap the screw hole, and lo lnsten the spring in place with e screw.

in the present invention the shnpe ol the rocker is nmdh'ied so that n spring cirn be seated thereunder, to do the work, without boring or tripping n screw hole and without the use'oi a screw.

The improvement is illustruieil in the eccoinpanying drawing, in which,

Figure l is a side View of the wren ing one form of spring. Fig 32 similar views showing modified .o 4 is a rear end view of the r :cker'or oscillating collar. y

' In the drawings. 1 indicates the handle, 2 the recessed eye, and 2) the-threiuled shnnl; of the outer jaw i, the. same as in my seid petent. Seid'shenlc 3 receives a nut 6 which is located in the recess of said eye end this not bears against the rocking collar 7 which has a. knuckle 1-5 held within it reeess 8 formed behind the fixed jaw, also as shown in my said patent.

One of the new parts provided by the pres ent invention is an extension 20 projecting backwardly from the inner side or" the collar 7 and at a right angle to the face. of said collar against which the nut bears, said nut fits Within the angle between the seller 3 end the .lpecillention of Letters Patent.

Patented April 21, 1908.

12, 1907. Seria No. 392,507.

{ extension 20, with said extension under the nut. Under or within said extension the h; idle her is recessed or cored out as indicated at 21 to receive the leaf spring 22 which is bent and set within saidrecess end which 5 beers npmn'dly against the under side of the l extension 20 end thereby tends to turn the rocker on its pivot so as to swing the j aws to closing position. The spring 22 is held in position by its own elasticity and by the sides of 6,0

the recess and the extension referred to, and consequently .uo drilling or screws are neces-f siiry to hold it in pleee. The nut 6 is also I supported in proper and desired position.

Another feature of the invention is that on the face of the collnl' 7, where it bears against the eye 2, it provided with a bend or raised mrt 7 which. gives a better lit than would otherwise be the case since it may be readily ground to lit in insect any slight imperfection of the casting; and it'ztlso provideso ening's et the sides of the collar, through w iieh dirt can escape.

in the modified l'orin shown in Fig. 2 instead of the leaf spring .22, a circular recess 23 is inmle end a coil spring 24 is set in this recess, and bears against the extension 20, with the slime ellect as the spring above described.

in the modified form shown in Fig. 3, instead of the springs above referred to, I use a double spring 25 which is attached to the shank by it screw 20 and bears at its ends on the upper and lower sides of the extension 20, the end of which projects between the ends of the spring. This double spring acts both as e closing and es on opening spring, tending .nornmlly to hold the pivoted outer jaw in intermediate position.

1 consider the form shown in Ki 1 the preferable forn'h The operation is t 1e same es the pz'itentml wrench, the outer jaw being adjusted by means of the nut 6, and opening and closing, when applied to the work, by rock ng on the pivot of he rocking c01lar7. ll eleinu The combination with a fixed jaw and hendle, having a recessed eye in the back, of on L-shnped rockerin the eye; the outer jaw having at threaded shank extending through 4 one branch-of the rocker, a nut on the sheet; 100

behind seid branch, the rocker beingpivote'd at its, outside angle or corner in the out cornet 0% fne eye having one of its branches extending under @113 nut wfieh rests upon said breneh end fits in the inside an 1e 0f the rocker, epring between the xed jaw and. eeid beench.




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