Terms and Conditions

  1. The winning team will be entitled to a Google sponsored trip to USA. Place and venue of the sponsored trip will be updated shortly.
  2. This prize is non transferrable. Incase any member of the winning team is unable to travel, he/she will not be compensated for the same in cash or in kind.
  3. Tentative travel dates will be updated on the website shortly and are subject to change without prior notification.
  4. Visa application and processing fee including travel insurance will be borne by the winning team. Google will not reimburse these costs.
  5. The trip will only cover air tickets and stay. No per diem or cash will be given. Any miscellaneous expense incurred by the winning team will be at their own cost and the same is not reimbursable.
  6. Travel dates to the US will be fixed and no changes in the itinerary will be entertained. Extension of the stay in the US or any stop over/s at any destination will not be permitted.
  7. Google reserves the right to withdraw or modify the contest prizes.